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It's Time To Cash In On Over 120 Million iPads Sold
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Thank you for been part of our affiliate program. On this page you'll find tools you can use to promote our iPad training offer. We've created and tested banners, email swipes, ppc ads and much more to make it easy for you to get started and making money.

Feel free to use any of these tools or you can create your own... We're happy for you to use content and images from our sales page to promote Tablet Training.

This offer is great to be promoted in any of the following ways...

Display Advertising & Media Buying

PPC Ads Including Google Adwords, Bing & Facebook Ads

Email Marketing & Solo Ads

Viral Facebook Campaigns

Twitter Promotion... Free & Paid

YouTube Videos & Ads
Email & Forum Signatures
Blog & Web 2.0 Reviews
Articles & Press Releases
And Many More Ways

We'll also be adding more tools & tips for all of these types of promotion methods so keep an eye out for updates on this page.

Affiliate Link

Just replace YOURID with your own Clickbank ID e.g. If your Clickbank nickname is rob84 then the link would be


No Exit Pop Sales Page

If you're promoting via Google Adwords and various other sources that don't allow pop overs or exit pops then you can use this new link:


Resources & Tools

Banners & Creatives

Below is a whole bunch of banners we've used. You can also create your own or have them professionally created for you using designers on Elance, Odesk or Fiver or use one of our favourite services

You can place these banners on your own sites or use them to buy media around the web. A great site to get started with banner advertising and media buying is

You can go there and start buying ad space on thousands of sites starting from just $5.

Other media buying sites you can check out are...


468x60 Banners



300x250 Banners



160x600 Skyscrapers



125x125 Blog Banners


720x90 Banners


Email Swipes

Below is a bunch of subject lines and emails you can use to blast out to your own list... Because this offer is really mass market with over 120 million iPad owners it works with non-targeted list so you can make money sending this offer out to lists in all kinds of niches including make money online, weight loss and lots more... Just give it a try with your list.

If you don't have your own list then the best way to get started with email marketing is buying email solo ads. A great site where you can look up suitable email newsletter lists is

You could also use Google to find more Ezine sites where you can place solo ads but here's a few more...


Email Subject Lines:

Step-By-Step IPad Video Training
Become A Pro On Your IPad Today
Unlock The Potential Of Your IPad
iPad Secrets Revealed
IMPORTANT Message For IPad Users
URGENT NEWS For iPad Users

Email #1


Email #2


Email #3


And then you can send these next emails to follow up and bring people back to the site as a lot of people need to visit a site a few times before they buy...

Follow up email #1


Follow up email #2


Blog & Web 2.0 Reviews

We've written three professional blog reviews for you to use. You can use them as they are or edit them and add to them... It's up to you.

You can post them on your blog or even pay for people to post to their blog.

You can also create a free blog at or, A lens at Squidoo or a page at Hubpages , Weebly and

You could even turn this review into a video and post on YouTube

Review #1


Review #2


Review #3



PPC Ads & Keywords

You can buy Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on some of the biggest sites on the web. Our three favourites are Google, Facebook and Bing.

This is one of the best ways to market this product as the traffic you get will be super targeted as the people visiting will have searched for help with their iPad and then clicked on the ad. You can also scale very quickly and be making 500+ sales per month within no time.

The ads will change from site to site... Google and Bing is just for text (unless your using the Google content network which is where you can put banners) while Facebook you can use text and an image.

For Google & Bing you get to select keywords related to the topic like the ones below:


For Facebook you get to pick people to advertise to based on demographics... So you can advertise to people who have liked the official Apple page or any related pages... This also sells very well to non-tech savvy people so going after older people is a great idea.

To find out more about Facebook marketing we highly recommend this Facebook marketing product


Email & Forum Signatures

Using an email signature and forum signature that promotes Tablet Training is a great way to get traffic for free... Every time you send an email or post on a forum you're driving free traffic.

Beginnings with no budget can do very well in affiliate marketing using forum marketing. The way to do well is to join 10+ forums and post multiple times per day in each forum. Start interesting threads that get lots of replies. All this costs nothing but can drive thousands of visitors with your affiliate link.

Now to find forums you can use Google... Just think of a topic i.e. parenting, gardening, internet marketing, weight loss or anything... Then you put forum, discussion group or bulletin board after it in the search box e.g. parenting forum.

That will bring up lots of options for you... You can also use Big Boards too as they have forums on lots of topics.

Now from forum to forum the code for the signature is going to change, some will allow just text and on some you'll be able to even use the banners.

Here's a few text signatures you can use on forums and your email.

iPad Secrets Revealed - All iPad Owners Need To Know This!!!

Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Your iPad

iPad Owners: Click Here For Video Training

Discover The Secret Site That Will Make You A Master iPad User



We'll be adding more tools and resources so make sure you keep checking back here.

Now get promoting and collecting your 75% plus your cash bonus and have a chance in the 90 launch contest...

$$$ Bonuses....

OK, as been affiliates ourselves we know what you guys want. Besides a hot offer that converts and the top rate of 75% commission you want BIG CASH BONUSES & PRIZES...

So here's what we're offering as an incentive to push this extra hard for us...

Bonus Commission

Make 100+ Sales Per Month You Get $1,000 Bonus

Make 250+ Sales Per Month You Get $3,000 Bonus

Make 500+ Sales Per Month You Get $7,500 Bonus

We can send this bonus cash direct to your PayPal or do a wire transfer and pay 7 days after the month end.


Thanks again for your support and let me know if you have any questions or need anything. I'm here to help you and take care of all your needs.

Rob B




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